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Welcome to the Creative Endeavors of Cooking with Crayons

Dear Reader/Listener,     My name is Robert Blevins and I'm an author/songwriter/sound engineer who has a lot of creative free time on my hands due to the sad events as of late. On the bright side, this blog is where I will let you know about anything and everything I write, publish, or record. I'm going to get this kicked off by adding our first podcast of 2020. That will be the next blog. In the podcast I'm going to just be tossing some funny thoughts around and playing some of my latest songs. I am creating so much in this social distancing/quarantine that it is necessary to keep a steady log of what I am getting done. This blog is the anchor of it all. So if you haven't followed my music before I encourage you to follow this blog and sign up so you can get notifications. Also, from time to time I will be printing short stories and poetry here so you can have new material to read. For links to my books and music for sale please go to . Yours