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Lead in the Middle

Find the One With Joy

Hop down from your post Don't dismay If all it takes is sorrow We'll find another way Make up your tragic ending Before you start to cry Or write another sonnet From teardrops in the sky Give no one all your potion Give no one all your gaze For up upon the mountain Is the maker of the maze Walk once to the end Burst through the wall Over the shadows Into the hall Back after the prize If we shall ever grow Back under the tulips Along with the rose The ships that sink our fears The hollowed harvest now The mark upon our shoulders The furrow in our brow
Make not another willow tree Before you count us gone For deep within our numbers The sadness has grown strong We search along our lines of wrath We dig up all our braids And all along each melody A notion hath been laid For on a muddy hill Much farther than we tread We know the One with Joy No longer are we dead
Thus Saith the Farther Ones
The cry is not for a hope we are never to see The lament is not for n…

Jars of Oil; Sands of Rhyme

Jars of Oil; Sands of Rhyme
by Rob J. Blevins

The Shattered Earth that Cries Like a Wreck Below
How's that? I'm awake. I'm awake.
I slept from hearing wants One man wants what another man has One woman wants to be like another man One world of power cries out for more And it's not like darkness doesn't breed itself The power runs the darkness.  How's that? I'm awake I promise. I've heard it all. One man wants to be me. One man wants to be free. The other holds him down and asks for diamonds in his crown. The kings cry out that they are peasants And the peasants will never be a king. The earth is spinning; I had hoped it would. As I had hoped it would, it does not,  But beckon for lust in the night? Of flightless abandon it can not stop crying out for more Of unpleasant anger and disruption I have heard it all. How's that? I've been here. I can't see less than I do,  Or close one eye To open the rain clouds for you: stern prayer Defend thyself…