Magnificent Moment

How wonderful is the moment?
Not that we need to try to caress and indulge every moment,
but how huge are the tiny bites of life that come to us in a day?
It is like a towering
It is all food we crave.
We open our eyes in the morning and look
and there is this huge buffet of moments. And,
we must bite each one.
Do we chew on it?
Or do we just gulp
Do we savor the wonderful array of colors,
and gaze at the full magnitude of its presence?
Within each moment is enough grace
from God
to give Him praise for an
At the moment, we
live and breathe,
each breath holds enough beauty
even flowing within our simple almost insignificant view of the galaxy.
Though we could get a telescope and look to heavenly bodies so far away,
we are restricted only in that we see the simple movie motion around our bodies.
For the most part
we only experience such a minute area of the universe
and yet in every millimeter is enough working parts
to be intrigued for a lifetime.
Just one cell and the ability to view it
under a microscope
can keep us searching for the billions of answers to why this all moves like it does.
We can search for a lifetime
and get lost in the moments of pain.
Some of us can’t handle it so we shut the book
only to find that we have opened the door to a bigger mountain to climb.
That which we can know is so small,
yet we are gifted a day of life sometimes.
Sometimes we are born into a day.
Do we hold all the memories that we assume brought us to this day?
Do we fight and struggle with that which we can’t prove ever happened?
The past and future
some of the moments we experience,
yet the experience in itself should never be lost.
That phenomenon that is considered temporal,
but which is wholly metaphysical—the present moment.
This is: that time that we have more health and love
than we can view from our lenses of humanity.
This is: something to get lost in--
that we navigate with such ease and yet with such infancy.
It is infancy in that we have so much wonder,
but so very real are the times we neglect that wonder to indulge our egos.
We interpret so hastily that it
Or even more so, we interpret that it is what we declare
it was.
It was
because it already passed.
This moment, is it passing through you,
or do you feel that it has already passed?
Maybe, if you don’t grab onto this moment
it will slip through your fingers like a
handful of sand.
And, it is that same sand that
Hold on to it.
Catch a breath.
Let your breath be more than the things you seek after.
Much of them are material things.
These things fade with time:
the new status—
being upper class,
making enough money to finally be happy.
Yet, we find that none of these things which we seek after do
the same one thing which we all want.
We want to experience a second away from ourselves.
We want to view things without the lenses of our life glasses
which have been so scratched,
and fogged that we can no longer get a clear direction.
Maybe, we should quit trying to clean the glasses
or get a new pair
and instead direct our eyes to just
can see more clearly
in the one or two places we have vision still.
Rather than fight with our pain, maybe
we should direct our focus on the great gratitude
which we can have for the tiniest of our blessings.
If we were to start with the breath, and be most thankful for it, and work our way out—
by the time we get to interaction with a loved one
we should be so blinded by the luminescence of our
We should be so bright with joy that we know
we cast a shadow on our suffering,
and that shadow created by our gratitude is enough to blacken
carve away
those areas in which we struggle.
It has made them covered
and we find ourselves more free in the light of our existence and essence than we deserve.
We find ourselves brightly in the radiance of our being—loved, warm, and created to be whole within the peace


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