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Magnificent Moment

How wonderful is the moment? Not that we need to try to caress and indulge every moment, but how huge are the tiny bites of life that come to us in a day? It is like a towering plate of food. It is all food we crave. We open our eyes in the morning and look and there is this huge buffet of moments. And, we must bite each one. Do we chew on it? Or do we just gulp it down? Do we savor the wonderful array of colors, hues, and gaze at the full magnitude of its presence? Within each moment is enough grace from God to give Him praise for an eternity. At the moment, we live and breathe, each breath holds enough beauty even flowing within our simple almost insignificant view of the galaxy. Though we could get a telescope and look to heavenly bodies so far away, we are restricted only in that we see the simple movie motion around our bodies. For the most part we only experience such a minute area of the universe and yet in every